Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Balmain p/e 2013

Simply outstanding mix of denim military tailoring with accents of biker leather. As i have already mentioned on twitter Olivier Rousteing has created another amassing collection to salivate obsess and envy about.

I nearly died when i saw the hand-woven raffia jacket inspired apparently from the Havana cafe seats which for me it is the best jacket i have seen this season and i wish i had the money to put my name down.

So roll up the sleeves of your jackets sorten the hems of your pleated trousers.

Thank you olivier and if you read this please can i have the raffia jacket.  

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Alexander McQueen p/e 2013

Just a quick post about the other must haves for the p/e 2013 the dragonfly printed bomber or the dragonfly embroided dinner jacket or even the dragonfly wing printed trench. Nothing more to say but I am seriously obsessed. 

Thank you Sarah and McQueen studio. 

Thom Browne p/e 2013 " the lobster, the whale and the wardrobe"

First come pairs of silver brogues on the grass of a garden square in paris, then come the silver Fauns, then come the large fabric covered coils that place themselves over the silver brogues and finally the reveal of the model wearing another insane printed and mad textile combinations. According to the videos not a lot of people were clapping after the simultaneously revelation of all the models. It seemed to me either not excited or mesmerized by the theatrics. 

Whale prints and lobster prints on trousers and vests in an ironic and playful Thom Browne way.

For a moment you forgot why you were there while intrigued in the madness of his fashion show. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Givenchy p/e 2013

Holly Givenchy! 

Ricardo Tisci has gone back to his religious Italian routes. The Virgin Mary, also known in Italy as Madonna, is featuring heavily in his prints.

He was inspired by what he called the “cult of communion”. He took the communion gown layered it and printed vestigial faces gave it a touch of pank and send the models out of an archway that was covered heavily by white lilies! The flower that is closely associated with the Virgin Mary! 

I love the playful references on religion and the heavy religious imagery printed clothing. 

Dior homme p/e 2013

Dior homme went navy for p/e 2013. Kris Van Assche introduced a collection strongly naval with military precision. 

It was again a very tailored collection with strong blazers with metal buttons but a particularly favorite of mine were the rope print striped tops. He also deconstructed tailoring down to the "bones" by removing piece by piece and replacing it with sheer fabric.To be honest if that was the uniform of the British Navy I would be down tomorrow enlisting! 

MUGLER p/e 2013

MUGLER for p/e 2013 went aquatic. Nicola Formichetti with the help of Romain Kremer managed to take men’s tailoring and eject it into another level or submerse it underwater even. He sliced, finned, pleated and pocketed sharp suits. His palette was based on oyster, sand, coral and what he called sea-foam blue. The short shorts are my favorite as well as the cutout tops that looked like a shellfish exoskeleton.

The music was insane but I was not very happy that he did not stream live as usual and we all had to wait for the full show. We let him off as he did post the show for all of us to enjoy over Sunday breakfast.