Friday, 22 January 2010


Allexander McQueen

My favorite menswear show, McQueen called it "An bailitheoir cnámh," (a Gaelic phrase that means "the bone collector") and based the collection on the lives of the seafaring natives who survive the harsh conditions near the N/S poles the ends of the earth.

The result was insane ice-print shirts, melting-ice jacquards on wool on silk suits and on leather. Mohair suits, leather parkas, bags and gloves were printed to look like they'd been made from fur. The prints were also extended to accessories like bags gloves and shoes.

The repetition of pattern, as well as the gray-black color palette and rounded shoulder-line on some shirts, sweaters and jackets, turned the models into reptiles.

There was that chunky cable-knit sweater a gray knitwear piece that i fell in love with. The origins of the cable-knit designs goes back in the day when each fisherman would have a unique design to his sweater so that when bodies that had been swept out to sea later washed ashore unrecognisable, they could be returned to their families for proper burial. Sad but true!

I can't wait to get my hands on some ice-melting jacquards or some scale-like jacquard printed trousers.

Alexander McQueen pure genius!

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