Sunday, 29 January 2012


URBAN STRESS: A state of bodily or mental tension developed through city living, or the physical, chemical, or emotional factors that give rise to that tension.

I totally suffer from urban stress, at such level that my body is starting to seize on me! or my head is so big that I can't support it anymore! I though you gain weight anywhere else but your head but according to my body my neck is in complete protest and insists not to hold my head up! maybe is all the christmas weight.

Another morning after the night before that I proceeded to spend in bed and feel sorry for myself!

and my question is why no one has found the gap in the market and start doing designer neck braces! i shoulg start designing cause i am sure there are more people out there that their heads need support but still look good. well after some research i have found this designer Betony Vernon ( that made the neck brace for the paparazzi video!

Lady Gaga wears neck brace Minerva made by Betony for Swarovski Runaway Rocks in her video Paparazzi.

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