Monday, 2 April 2012

The new Dadaists

Dada was a richly subversive movement that started  and developed at the time of the WWI as a protest against bourgeois conventions and the folly of war. The aim of the dada movement was to destroy traditional values in art and to create new art to replace the old. Main contributors to the movement were Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Arp, Man Ray and many others. With iconic art pieces like "girl born without a mother", "nude descending a staircase", the "fountain" and the "metronome".

Fountain by M Duchamp 1917

Girl born without a mother by F Picabia 1916

Metronome by M Ray

So I thought, are we the new Dada movement with critical thinking and the WWI is replaced by recession and art may has extended to fashion? I consider myself as a new Dadaist, maybe we all have a dadaist inside screaming to get out.

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