Thursday, 2 August 2012


My summer, well my "British" summer soundtrack has been Fantasea by the one and only musical NYC obsession Azelia Banks. 

Well major anthem for me is track 07. Fierce. You know when you are walking down the street and you are working the house! well if you see me walking and working the house its because i work it god damn it!

"I used to think I was fierce cause I was in all the houses I won trophies I used too much trade for dollars too let's see I'm fiercer now cause I got a job, I got an education and I got somebody waiting at home for me god damn it now one queen ask me the other day was it, she told me: miss thing you think you're fierce? I said: of course she said all queens think their fierce i said don't missthing all queens at me"

Synchronise your calendar
1. better get your ass queen and download the album 
2. educate yourself with "Paris is burning" by Jennie Livingstone. You can watch it in full here. The fashion is so relevant it hurts! 

see you at the ball! 

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