Monday, 14 March 2011

The City

Finally "The City" and i don't mean Whitney's and Olivia's badly scripted bitching, i refer to the brand spanking new EP from Patrick Wolf from his fifth album "Lupercalia" yet to be released. Not a lot to say about it really apart from its the best song to listen to if you feeling that you need some motivation, his happy sounds his driving head-nodder of a beat, his piano and pitchshifted sound is typical for Patrick Wolf's music, nothing but effortlessly, irresistibly dramatic and uplifting. Well I love it and cannot wait to see him live at the end of the month!

My look is practically sorted already, I am going for preppy Americana with heavy jewellery to top it up! You cannot go to see Patrick without making an effort on your appearance. The crowd is like the new version of Blitz! I would definitely be blogging from the event but for now I can only listen and yearn for more Patrick to come.

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