Friday, 11 March 2011

Costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is the new black!

Silver Ring H&M, silver two finger ring TOPMAN

Recently for some weird reason maybe inspired by McQueen and excessive accessorising I got these amassing pieces from my trustworthy TOPMAN! You should definitely go and buy the 2 FINGER FLOATING SKULL times 2!
floating skull rings from TOPMAN

and turn it into your homemade knuckleduster!

that was another
brilliant idea from me to you guys out there!

The Wings strech ring looks insane paired with the oversized skull ring and my vintage T&co silver ring

skull ring H&M, silver band T&co vintage, silver wing ring TOPMAN

also the Westwood inspired long silver armour ring a statement ring for every middle finger out there, you may give it but why not give it in style? as demonstrated bellow

Long silver ring TOPMAN

I definitely do suggest you visit the accessory dept and start loading your archives with costume jewellery! I am starting the trend and you should totally follow! Dress those fingers with heavy metallics. Jewellery is not just for girls!

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