Thursday, 9 February 2012

London express

Again on my route back from a very long weekend in London! It started Thursday night with a table at Circus in Covent Garden, a must do for everyone. It's a place so alive and vibrant. We couldn't get a booking at the stage table which was a shame. The acts of the night that we managed to see where insane! Favorite of mine the burlesque fire eating ballerina! She got on stage and with almost military precision she managed to breath and eat fire while tip toe across the table! We can't really miss out the hula Elvis or the chinese bride, neither the acrobats swinging from the ceiling! Fun fun fun! The food was Japanese and amaising! Soft cell crab tempura insane! Black cod genious! Prawn dumplings scallops everything was so tasty served with glass after glass filled with classic champagne cocktail. Maybe I had too many cause I managed to make a full of myself at the toilets! A story I should not share! But the worst thing of the night was the loss of my trench coat belt! To the taxi driver out there that has my orphan belt please take good care of it or give it back!

The next day I had to make a very unsuccessful visit to the embassy followed by salmon and eggs at my must do breakfast place the breakfast club! Then furniture shopping at Shoreditch and a visit to my favorite pub in angel which I'll keep secret! The night was followed by a lovely dinner at my favorite hotel in London the Corinthian and an impromptu visit at proud galleries! One thing that I find weird is the ID requests nowdays regardless your age! I feel I am at the airport everytime they ask for my passport!

Saturday was filled with antique fairs and taxidermy! My new obsession! Favorite destination the taxidermist on Essex rd in islinghton. Saturday night had to be east London with a visit at pizza east for more veal meatball pizza and lovely artichokes. Then freezing our ears off at the guest list que of Cargo for some must needed calorie burning!

Sunday I met everyone for duck egg breakfasts at Camden passage and goodbyes as most of us had to return to our homes, some, fortunately not me, had to fly back abroad while I had to pack and head for the train station.

Another fun filled London visit! Very tired travelling back home filling up on Cafein to keep me awake! Can't wait for my next visit!

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