Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Still Corners"

I was super excited when I found out that the "still corners" will be playing in Manchester and more so at one of the still untouched places in Manchester by the "wrong people" the Kraak gallery. I am so glad that its so difficult to find unless you know its there, a former textile building, with an entrance hidden away in a small alley at Stevenson Square in the middle of the Northern Quarter. I hope one day I can exhibit my work there.

Still Corners is an American dreamy pop band that I found by mistake one Sunday morning spending time on YouTube where I heard the first song and fell in love with their sound and voice and lyrics. It was the "endless summer" song.

Their work reminiscent of a more updated and deconstructed music from the early 70's, something that Nico would have easily sung. I was very impressed with their live performance and for a moment the Kraak gallery was turned into another party at the Factory.

For all those the generous people out there with spare cash please do donate some money to the Kraak gallery as it's a non profit bussiness and help it stay open so we can all have more fun nights there! visit their website

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