Tuesday, 21 February 2012

PRADA monster

"for a nanomoment New York was the club kids and they shook the hell out of it"
Andy Warhol
Greetings Citizens

We are living in the age in which the pursuit of all values other than Money Success Fame Glamour have either been discredited or destroyed.

Recently I have been reminiscent over my Club kid years in the early nineties when I secretly took my black Nike vandal high tops to customise them by adding extra striped micro soles turning them to 12' platforms. My mother was worried that I might fall off the stairs at high school. Well I was a Klub Kid and proud, I was channelling James st James, dressed either in D&G tshirts, comme des garcons, Gaultier, diesel, cyberdog, Soviet (not sure if it still exists as a brand but back then everything was 100% plastic club wear)with 501 distressed Levi's.

I was going out clubbing with my friends and sneaking in, although under aged because one of my friends was the sister of the DJ. Early nineties clubscene was insane. The music, the effort to get dressed to be noticed, the GoGo dancers everything was on another level. I remember I could not wait for Saturday night.

Prada has also revisited the early nineties with the new range of brogues that I am currently obsessed and I am seriously thinking of paying the hefty price a painful £640 price tag. It is like Klub Kids with bank accounts.

For inspiration of the ERA I do recommend to watch the "shampoo Horns" by Klub Kids and you can find it on you tube in 9 parts, recorded from VCR hilarious and surreal! or the party monster the story of Michael Alig.

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